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Harvey Law Group (HLG) Offers Investment Migration Solutions to Indian High-Net-Worth & Ultra High-Net-Worth Individuals

Through uncertain times and unpredictability, affluent individuals all over the world – especially the super-rich Indians – are exploring alternative investment options overseas. The COVID-19 outbreak had not only changed the lifestyle of most people, but also grounded their freedom and mobility.

Strict border control procedures globally have left many Indians citizens stranded overseas, or with limited mobility within their own country, has many high-net-worth individuals questioning if life is greener on the other side. Nevertheless, the urgency amongst HNWIs to invest and migrate from India abroad fast has re-sparked the demands in residency and citizenship-by-investment trend.

Despite India’s volatile economic growth and social background, Indian millionaire households are steadily rising in both numbers and net worth. There are several key driving factors contributing as to why Indian nationals are looking to move out of India.

The first factor is business growth, with many entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses or be accessible to a bigger pool of investors and capital.

The second contributing factor is for the second generation of HNWIs families whom are looking for further flexibility to settle overseas, and the freedom from dependency from family to pursue personal interest.

The concept of investment immigration – where you invest a certain amount in exchange of a residency or a citizenship – grows extremely popular with the top 1% by expediting their immigration process legally through the help of accredited immigration professionals.

Interestingly, residency and citizenship inquiries are coming in throughout India when it has previously been inquired only from big cities such as Mumbai and New Delhi.

Harvey Law Group (HLG), a leading investment immigration law firm, has opened an office in India to support the increasing urgency for essentially supporting HNWI’s & UHNWI’s from the wealthiest cities of India, including Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune & Ahmedabad.

What’s Investment Immigration?

Investment immigration, also known as Residency & Citizenship-by-investment, are government-approved programs attracting HNWI’s, entrepreneurs and business executives to invest in real estate, existing business, new business, investment funds, government bonds or donate directly to the government – in exchange,  they are granted residency status or citizenship of the respective country. There are over a hundred programs currently available in the world, 30 of which are operating successfully.

Top Reasons to Migrate from India


A residency or citizenship from a stable, peaceful country can act as insurance police in the event of any kind of political, economic or civil turmoil in one’s home country. This type of insurance is priceless for investors and their families and can potentially allow them to exit or relocate swiftly should the need arise.

Improved global mobility

One of the main benefits of such program is global mobility and access to key jurisdictions for Indian nationals. Indian passport ranks considerably lower on the global passport ranking, allowing visa-free travel to 60 countries – mostly in Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. A residency or citizenship by investment can unlock visa-free and visa-on-arrival accesses, therefore allowing successful applicants to travel freely for business and tourism purposes to over 140 countries, including the European Union, the United Kingdom, and many other key jurisdictions the Indian passport currently doesn’t grant access to.

Business opportunities

New business opportunities open up to participants of residency or citizenship-by-investment programs as they can now do business in the host country, as well as travelling abroad freely without delay and pre-emptive visa requirements.

Tax efficiency

Several countries offering residency and citizenship programs allow you to benefit from their attractive and low tax regimes. As such, countries such as Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, Portugal and many other have some sort of tax benefits for foreign investors applying for their respective program. This becomes an opportunity for India’s HNWI to invest abroad and be able to diversify their wealth portfolio.

Improved lifestyle for your family

Residency and citizenship programs allow the applicant and qualifying family members who desire to migrate from India, to live, work, study, and avail of dedicated social benefits such as healthcare and education in a wide selection of countries.

Better value from investment  

Comparatively, investments starting as low as USD 100,000 go a long way with residency or citizenship-by-investment programs. For the investment to be able to live in Europe and obtaining a residency card vs. investing in Delhi or Mumbai, the advantages are clear.

HLG Mission in India

Currently, India stands at the top of Morgan Stanley Exodus in the World List, reporting that 35,000 Indian entrepreneurs of high-net-worth left between 2014-2020.

After China, India is the second country in the world for having super rich individuals leaving the country, revealed a Global Wealth Migration Review report.

Harvey Law Group currently offers residency and citizenship-by-investment programs (RCBIs) to over 25 countries. What adds to HLG’s competitive edge is not only in the number of programs it is authorized to offer but the capacity to accommodate its clients in every corner of the world with a footprint of offices in over 20 countries.

Best 8 countries to migrate from india

For those considering to migrate from India , HLG’s team of immigration lawyers will assist C-level executives, frequent business travelers, and business entrepreneurs to select the most suitable program for their needs. Here are popular residency and citizenship programs amongst Indian nationals:

  1. Portugal Golden Visa
  2. Canada Start-up Visa
  3. Thailand Elite Visa
  4. Grenada
  5. St. Lucia
  6. Antigua & Barbuda
  7. Dominica
  8. St. Kitts & Nevis

HLG is a leading international law firm specialized in residency and citizenship by investment programs since 1992. HLG currently operates in over 24 offices worldwide, assisting HNWIs, business executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, as well as their families, to secure a residency or citizenship by investment (RCBI), having a portfolio of over 25 residency and citizenship-by-investment programs.


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