Mobility beyond borders requires many processes, we have integrated ourselves into the culture and legal practices of the countries we operate in so we can facilitate cross-border business in the easiest way possible. Our expertise will guide you through all these, so your transfer will be seamless.


We provide a comprehensive and sustained focus on service at the highest level throughout our firm’s entire network to anticipate and meet your evolving needs. Quite simply, building the relationship starts with listening to you, our clients. From the establishment of a company to opening its subsequent representative offices or branches and to handle all the other events that can emerge along the way, we are always there.


Harvey Law Group Citizenship by Investment


Residency by investment is often referred to as a ‘visa’ and is the right to reside in a given country in exchange for a dedicated investment. Countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, France – and many more – offer such programmes…

Harvey Law Group Citizenship by Investment


Residency by investment is the right to reside permanently in a country based on the investment made. Permanent Residency often grants several rights and privileges such as social benefits, access to healthcare and so forth…

Harvey Law Group Citizenship by Investment


Citizenship by investment is the most effective way to secure an alternative passport in exchange of a dedicated investment. Whether it is for business transactions, the perks of becoming a Global Citizen, or simply have a ‘Plan B’, there is a program that will suit your needs…

Harvey Law Group Citizenship by Investment


HLG provides the highest level of service throughout our firm’s entire network. We draw upon our local and international expertise to provide you sound legal advice and solutions to meet your business goals…

Harvey Law Group Citizenship by Investment


We provide a comprehensive suite of services, whether it’s for business or as an individual, HLG has the proven expertise to provide the right level of legal advice required and help meet you or your families evolving needs…


With offices in Phnom Penh, Montreal, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hanoi, Yangon, Manila, along with a regional and international network, HLG has an extensive team that can provide exceptional support to a diverse global clientele.


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UK’s Modernised Non-Dom Tax Status Rules, What This Means for Business Mobility

The United Kingdom has long been a destination of choice for global talent and investment, offering a favourable environment for individuals seeking to expand their businesses. Recent changes in the tax landscape are set to reshape the way individuals with non-dom tax status are taxed, posing implications for those considering…
Green Cards for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Technicians

Green Cards for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

Thanks to the growing shortage of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AMEs) and Aircraft Maintenance Technicians, it is believed that nowadays AMEs and technicians are viable applicants for the EB-2 National Interest Waiver (NIW) program. Let’s explore more in this article.