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EB-5 or E-2: Which Visa is Right for Indian Citizens?

Incredible options for Indians investors and entrepreneurs
The United States currently offers two types of investment visas: the E-2 visa and the EB-5 investment visa. These two visas are both incredible options for foreign investors and entrepreneurs that are looking to establish a business and live in the United States of America. 
Indian Nationals are leaving India Caribbean Citizenship-by-Investment

Not Only Super Rich Indians Are Getting New Citizenships and Passports

Indian Nationals are leaving India
For many years, the number of Indians leaving India has been increasing. The super-rich, primarily seeking a less stringent tax regime, led this in the past. But increasingly senior corporate executives and affluent professionals are joining the exodus.
What are the Benefits of Permanent Residence in Malta TAX

What are the Benefits of Permanent Residence in Malta?

Residency by Investment Program
“Affordable access, an excellent and low-cost lifestyle, ease of travel, favourable taxation, and excellent services are among the many advantages of permanent residence in Malta.
Citizenship in Vanuatu Citizenship of Vanuatu

How Can I Get Citizenship in Vanuatu?

Citizenship by Investment Program
Many of those thinking of a new passport often overlook Vanuatu and often overlook the attractive features and benefits this program has to offer
leaving India Indians Are Migrating Left India Indians migrating overseas EB-2 Visa GRENADIAN CITIZENSHIP

More Indians Are Migrating

Where are they going in 2023?
Affluent Indians are leaving India, the trend is increasing rapidly, the number of high-net-worth individuals Migrating overseas may double in 2023