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Golden Visas in Europe: A Comparison, and Where They Stand Now

Europe’s Golden Visa programs have long been attractive options for investors, offering residency and later citizenship in exchange for investment, and attracting wealthy individuals seeking access to the European Union’s benefits
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UK’s Modernised Non-Dom Tax Status Rules, What This Means for Business Mobility

The United Kingdom has long been a destination of choice for global talent and investment, offering a favourable environment for individuals seeking to expand their businesses. Recent changes in the tax landscape are set to reshape the way individuals with non-dom tax status are taxed, posing implications for those considering…
Green Cards for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Technicians

Green Cards for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

Thanks to the growing shortage of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AMEs) and Aircraft Maintenance Technicians, it is believed that nowadays AMEs and technicians are viable applicants for the EB-2 National Interest Waiver (NIW) program. Let’s explore more in this article.
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Greek Golden Visa New Regulations

Investing in real estate for residency in Greece? Stay informed about the updates to the Golden Visa program, including new investment rules.
A Comparison of Citizenship by Investment options in the Caribbean Investment requirements caribbean passport

Investment options in the Caribbean

Learn about the various Citizenship by Investment options in the Caribbean and discover the key factors to consider when investing.
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What is Immigration-by-investment?

Investment migration: shortcut to obtain citizenship or residence abroad. Popular destinations include the Caribbean and European countries.
Investment Citizenship Investment Migration Permanent Residency Residence Permit Investment Program Citizenship by investment Visa-Free Travel best Investment Citizenship countries

Top Investment Citizenship Programs to Consider in 2024

Choosing the best citizenship by investment program is a multifaceted decision influenced by numerous factors, including affordability, visa-free travel, US E-2 treaty eligibility, taxation, reputation, processing speed, and investment options.
Dual Citizenship Global Mobility citizenship by investment advantages of Dual Citizenship Relinquishing U.S citizenship Renunciation U.S citizenship

Is Dual Citizenship Right for Me?

This article focuses on the dual citizenship process and the options available for those curious about global mobility.
Thailand Elite Visa

Important Update: Thailand Elite Visa Programs

In celebration of Thailand Privilege Card’s 20th anniversary in 2023, Thailand Privilege Card has recently announced the upcoming launch of new membership packages on October 15, 2023.
France Golden Visa France Investors Program France Business Creation Program applying for french citizenship French residency

France Golden Visa Program

France Golden Visa program: What are the French Talent Passport & French Investor Visa. The Best Routes to French Residency and Citizenship.
Spain investment visa Spanish golden visa Permanent Residency in spain for us citizens can i live in spain if i buy a property Spain Golden Visa 2023 Spanish Citizenship EU Residency

Spain Golden Visa 2023

Spain Golden Visa 2023: Pathway to Spanish Citizenship After 5 Years EU Residency with Minimum Investment of EUR 500,000.
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Greek Golden Visa for South Africans

South African Nationals are looking at acquiring a second citizenship and passport for their families and themselves in record numbers. A second citizenship and passport can be for immediate use or as a “plan B”.

EB-5 or E-2: Which Visa is Right for Indian Citizens?

The United States currently offers two types of investment visas: the E-2 visa and the EB-5 investment visa. These two visas are both incredible options for foreign investors and entrepreneurs that are looking to establish a business and live in the United States of America. 
Citizenship in Vanuatu Citizenship of Vanuatu How to get vanuatu citizenship passports for sale how strong is vanuatu passport

How to get Vanuatu citizenship ?

Many of those thinking of a new passport often overlook Vanuatu and often overlook the attractive features and benefits this program has to offer
leaving India Indians Are Migrating Left India Indians migrating overseas EB-2 Visa GRENADIAN CITIZENSHIP

More Indians Are Migrating

Affluent Indians are leaving India, the trend is increasing rapidly, the number of high-net-worth individuals Migrating overseas may double in 2023
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HLG Retirement Guide: What to Consider?

There are tens of millions of people living their retirements overseas. In just the last 5 years, it is estimated that 9 million retirees from America alone moved abroad.
France Residency Card Carte de Séjour

How Can Turkish Citizens Live in France?

How Can Turkish Nationals Live in France? There are two pathways for a Turkish national to gain a French Residency Card (“Carte de Séjour”).