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Due Diligence Service citizenship-by-investment programs
Citizenship by investment Harvey Law Group Due Diligence Service

HLG Due Diligence Service provides clients with information to facilitate decision making based on ethical and credible sources provided by third party experts. This is achieved by using a high caliber global database and investigating information which is available legally and publicly. For over 30 years, HLG has worked on achieving and maintaining a high level of integrity to facilitate global mobility of businesses, individuals, and corporations. HLG has delivered reputable and well-performing citizens to countries under the residency and citizenship-by-investment programs all over the world.

Given HLG’s global presence and dedicated legal expertise, HLG Due Diligence Service has been entrusted by individuals, companies, and partners alike.

HLG Due Diligence service will bring transparency in your business relationships and help you manage the risks related to your clients, counterparties and employees. In business it is better to know what you are dealing with rather than working with the unknown. With 24 offices around the world, HLG Due Diligence will be able to perform field investigations and explore registries locally as well as globally. Our advantage mostly resides in the fact we will be able to carry local investigations as well as exploring and investigating online databases.

By helping you build trust with your future clients, partners, providers, and employees by bringing transparency through a thorough background check, knowing your clients and counterparties’ background has become a competitive advantage over the last decade.

HLG Due Diligence will perform a screening on individuals & companies by using an extensive database gathering comprehensive information on:

–        more than 3 million entities in 250 countries and territories

–        the world’s largest politically exposed persons (PEPs) database,

–        more than 1,300 enforcement agencies,

–        Media & Public Domain

–        Sanctions and Global Sanctions lists,

–        Courts filings and company records.

***Our Due Diligence Service search is conducted in the English language as well as any local language, in addition to meeting other requirements.


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    Depending on a client’s requirements, HLG Due Diligence
    will be able to perform a more comprehensive investigation including:

    Passport/ID verification

    Local Registry checks

    Local Litigation, Regulatory and Bankruptcy checks

    Address verification

    Graduate verification