Real Estate Investment: Secret Bay Resort

Secret bay Resort Dominica Citizenship

The Dominica Secret Bay Resort Investment Program is for investors and applicants looking to obtain alternative citizenship, through the purchase of a luxury property at the award-winning Secret Bay Resort. Whether seeking a legacy family vacation home or an astute real estate investment, The Residences at Secret Bay presents a new era of Caribbean luxury living. This program requires a financial commitment of at least USD 212,000. Successful applicants are granted Dominica citizenship for life.

A part of the award-winning Secret Bay Resort, The Residences at Secret Bay is a limited collection of sustainable luxury villas located  on a serene clifftop promontory overlooking the azure Caribbean Sea and currently operational. The Residences at Secret Bay offers  a rare opportunity to own a residential-style villa managed and marketed by one of the world’s most acclaimed eco-luxury boutique  resorts, with demonstrated high rental demand and occupancy performance. Whether seeking a legacy family vacation home or an  astute real estate investment, The Residences at Secret Bay presents a new era of Caribbean luxury living. 

Advantages the Dominica Citizenship

  • Eligible for the Citizenship Program 
  • Dependents can include: 
    1. a) Spouse 
    2. b) Children of the applicant or spouse under 18 c) Children between 18-30 years old if studying and  supported 
    3. d) An unmarried daughter under 25 living with the  applicant 
    4. e) Parents and grandparents over 65 if supported No physical residency requirement 
  • No education, management experience or language  requested 
  • Visa-free travel/entry to more than 140 countries Eligibility to apply for e- visa for Australia Share or Full Ownership available 
  • Global Exchange Program in 80 countries 


  • Citizenship for life for the applicant and qualifying dependents
  • Advantageous tax regime; no taxes on Capital Gains, Wealth or  Inheritance 
  • Free access to live in Dominica or any member country of the Caribbean community 
  • Trusted brand and developer with a proven track record
  • The capital investment must be kept for 3-years 


  • No criminal record 
  • Be in good health
  • Make a qualifying investment of USD 212,000
  • Apply through an authorized agent

Process (between 6-8 months)

  • Complete reservation form and deposit 
  • Complete all application forms, payment of legal and due  diligence fees 
  • Upon approval, pay balance of the investment, passport fees  and other government fees 
  • The Investor then obtains the Certificate of Citizenship and  passport

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