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HLG Retirement Guide: What to Consider?

Things faced in retirement that people don't talk about
There are tens of millions of people living their retirements overseas. In just the last 5 years, it is estimated that 9 million retirees from America alone moved abroad.
2022 Thailand’s Long-Term Resident Visa

2022 Thailand’s Long-Term Resident Visa – New Updates

What you need to know
Thailand has always been a popular destination for retirees. Warm weather all year round, very affordable accommodation and lifestyle, a huge range of cuisines, good medical care and friendly and welcoming people make it hugely attractive.
Retiring to another country

Thinking of retiring abroad?

Here’s What You Need to Ask Yourself, before retiring abroad!
Retiring to another country is quickly becoming a goal for many. One that is becoming increasingly achievable.
Citizenship-by-Investment Most Popular Destinations to retire retiring overseas Americans are Retiring Abroad PORTUGAL, MALTA AND GREECE RETIRE IN THE CARIBBEAN RETIRE IN THAILAND, SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA OR AUSTRALIA

Millions of Americans are Retiring Abroad

Most Popular Destinations for retirement
This is the second article in a series of three on Americans retiring overseas. In the first article, we considered the advantages.
Retiring Abroad

Retiring Abroad: What You Need To Know

As one gets older, the thought of where you would like to retire is raised. Over recent years, retiring abroad has fast become a new and exciting adventure for many.