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Update August 2022: Thailand entry requirements for Thailand Elite Members

Thailand has recently updated the Kingdom’s latest travel guideline. As one of the most preferred tropical destinations in the world, many of our existing, as well as soon-to-be, Thailand Elite members are ready to pack their luggage and start their holiday in paradise. With countries around the world continuing to relax travel restrictions, good news is that there are no longer any complex restrictions in place for Thailand! Here is the latest on travelling to Thailand as of July 30, 2022 (updated August 2022).

THAILAND TRAVEL ENTRY Thailand elite visa

Please note: The Thailand Pass registration is no longer required since July 1, 2022. You no longer need to apply for it.

Ready to board? Here are the docs you’ll need to have ready:
– Current Passport (with a minimum 6-month validity)
– Visa (if needed)
– Flight Itinerary
– Travel Insurance (recommended)
– Hotel Booking Confirmation
– Vaccination Record (for Vaccinated Travellers)
– COVID-19 Test Result (for non-vaccinated travellers)

1. Visa-Free Entry

Did you know there are 64 countries that are eligible for Thailand visa-free entry? For Nationals under this list, you’re free to enter under the Visa Exemption program and the Bilateral Agreement. The duration of stay for visa-free entry depends on your nationality, ranging from 14 days, 30 days, to 90 days.

On the other hand, there are 19 countries that are eligible to enter Thailand under the Visa-on-Arrival program. Under this program, travelers are required to fill out the TM88 Visa on Arrival form and a fee of 2,000 THB upon airport arrival. They are allowed up to 15 days stay duration in Thailand.
For visitors from countries outside these two programs, they are required to apply for a Thai visa through an online application or in-person at the Thai Embassy or consulate nearest to their residence.

For Thailand Elite members, enjoy your seamless arrival with the Elite personnel assistance, fast-track immigration, and your VIP airport transfers.

2. Vaccinated or COVID-19 Test

While there are no restrictions in place, visitors to Thailand can roam freely as long as they can show proof of vaccination or pre-departure COVID test. Fully vaccinated visitors are required to either print out or show a digital copy of their proof of vaccination. For non-vaccinated travellers, it is mandatory for a pre-departure COVID test within 72 hours with an RT-PCT test or a professional ATK (RAT) antigen test, with test results showing negative/non-reactive.

Unvaccinated children must undergo a pre-departure COVID-testing while traveling with an unvaccinated adult.

3. Thailand Travel Insurance

It is recommended to have Travel Insurance upon entering Thailand. You may use your existing health insurance policy assuming it covers Thailand or purchase one online from a Thai insurance company.

4. Thailand Elite Visa

Many of you reading this are already considering living, retiring, or re-locating to Thailand through Thailand Elite, we’d like you to note that Thailand Elite has officially announced an ‘Extra 3 Months Visa Extension’ for interested applicants to apply and pay before September 24, 2022. This means your Thailand Elite membership will receive an extension of 3 months upon the date you wish to activate your membership!

You can now easily obtain your Thailand Elite Membership and obtain a long-term Thailand residency visa for you, your spouse, and your family- with approvals within 4 weeks!

Consult with HLG representatives now for a step-by-step guide on your Thai Elite visa application.


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