Can Non-Europeans Get Permanent Residency and Citizenship in Malta?

Malta Permanent Residency & Maltese citizenship

About Malta

Malta is an exquisite archipelago sitting in the middle of the Mediterranean, halfway between Sicily and the North African coast. It has many historic sites. From various cultures, including the Romans, Moors, Knights of Saint John, French, and British, as well as remarkable subterranean ruins dating back to 4000 BC.

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Can Non-Europeans Get Permanent Residency and Citizenship in Malta?
Malta permanent residency by investment - Citizenship by investment

What is Malta like, as a place to live?

The official languages are English and Maltese. The standard of living is good, and the cost of it one of the most affordable in all of Europe. The infrastructure is good, and you can enjoy shopping, terrific restaurants, and a vibrant nightlife centered around the town of St. Julien’s. 

The weather is typically Mediterranean – warm, dry summers with temperature up to 32 °C in July and August; followed by mild Winters with the temperature rarely below 15 to 17 °C during December to February.

Is Malta an expensive place to live?

Rent in the capital, Valletta, is one eighth that of London and about one quarter that of New York ( It is even less in some areas to the south. Groceries are significantly cheaper in Valletta than in either London or New York, by up to a third.

How much does permanent residency in Malta cost?

For those interested in applying through the Malta Residency-by-Investment Program, they must first be able to demonstrate a minimum net worth of EUR 500,000 in proof of assets or EUR 150,000 in financial assets. After which, they can choose between one of the following options;

One option is through rental of a property for a minimum of EUR 10,000 annually if in the south or Gozo and EUR 12,000 if elsewhere. This is followed by a contribution to the government of EUR 98,000, and finally a EUR 2,000 donation to a Maltese non-governmental organization. 

The second choice is a government contribution of EUR 68,000, a donation of EUR 2,000 to a Maltese NGO, and the purchase of a property valued at a minimum of EUR 300,000 in the south or Gozo or EUR 350,000 elsewhere.


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    Is my family included if I apply for permanent residency in Malta?

    The application can cover a spouse, unmarried dependent children, and parents or grandparents. Each of these requires an extra government contribution of EUR 7,500 for a spouse, parent, or grandparent, and EUR 5,000 for a dependent adult child.

    How long does it take to get a Malta residence permit?

    With a minimum total investment starting at only EUR 110,000 and a processing time of less than 6 months, this is one of the world’s most attractive residency programs. 

    What are the benefits of Malta residency?

    For your family, there is a high-standard, affordable education system and an excellent health system, both government-subsidized. 

    For businesspeople, there is a very low-cost and friendly tax system and the right to establish a business in Malta, which can also have tax advantages. 

    Malta is a member of the EU and of the Schengen Area, with residency you have the right to travel anywhere within the Schengen Zone for 90 days in any 180-day period, or roughly up to 6 months per year. This is ideal for people doing business in Europe. 

    Is immigration in malta easy ? 

    There is no language, education, or management experience requirement. Further, after 5 years of legal residence, you are eligible to apply for Maltese citizenship, which vests for life and for future generations.  

    Applying for any residence-by-investment or citizenship-by-investment program can be complex, with many details to understand and assess. Harvey Law Group has offices around the world and over 30 years’ experience in immigration law.

    For more information about immigration in malta you can go to  where you will find well organized data on Malta and other investment immigration programs available. If you have further inquiries or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us by email at [email protected].  


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