Vanuatu Citizenship Price: What you need to know

Citizenship by Investment

Discover Vanuatu Citizenship Cost and Application Process

Vanuatu, a South Pacific nation of more than 80 islands, offers citizenship by investment which allows applicants to obtain citizenship through a secure and efficient process. The Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment program is a first of its kind within the Asia-Pacific territory, and it provides a range of benefits, including visa-free travel, tax benefits, and access to the country’s stable economy.

This article outlines the Vanuatu citizenship application process for Americans and others. It looks at the amount of investment required to obtain Vanuatu citizenship and whether there is a real estate option. Lastly, it considers the overall Vanuatu citizenship price and advantages, the time required, and the process for the Vanuatu Citizenship Investment Program.

Vanuatu Citizenship Price How Much Does It Cost Vanuatu’s passport citizenship in Vanuatu citizenship-by-investment
Vanuatu Citizenship Price
Citizenship by Investment

5 Key Points to Know About Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program

  1. Visa-free travel to 100+ countries
  2. Favorable tax regime (no income, wealth, capital gains, or inheritance tax)
  3. Inclusion of dependents (spouse, children up to 25, and parents)
  4. Straightforward process (1-2 months, no residency requirement, no need to go to Vanuatu)
  5. Investment costs: $130,000 minimum investment for a single applicant and $7,000 due diligence clearance fee.

In addition to the investment amount, investors in the Vanuatu Citizenship Investment Program must also pay additional fees, principally a due diligence fee of USD 7,000. The applicant must pay this fee before submitting the application.

Advantages of Vanuatu Citizenship Investment

Vanuatu’s Citizenship Investment Program offers a range of advantages to potential investors. Americans and more than 200 other nationalities are eligible for the program. One of the most significant advantages is visa-free travel to more than 100 countries. For those looking forward to accessing Australia, holding a Vanuatu passport provides the possibility to apply for an Australian visa online, with a long term option available. (Note: As of February 4, 2023, the European Union has suspended Vanuatu’s visa-free agreement. Please see below for our contact information for the latest updates)

Investors also benefit from a favourable tax system, with no personal income tax or corporate tax, no withholding tax or capital gains, and no wealth, gift, or inheritance taxes. Additionally, the application process is fast, with approval often granted within approximately 2 months.

Vanuatu Citizenship Price is Comparatively Low.

Furthermore, the Vanuatu citizenship investment program is one of the least expensive investment programs in the world at a minimum of USD 130,000. The investment must be in the form of a non-refundable contribution to the designated government fund, known as the Vanuatu Government Development Support Program (DSP). At this time, unlike many other European or Caribbean countries there is no Vanuatu citizenship via real estate investment option. This is true for Americans and all other nationalities.

What is the Vanuatu Citizenship Price? 

To obtain citizenship through Vanuatu’s citizenship by investment program, investors must contribute a one-time, non-refundable, minimum donation of USD 130,000 for a single applicant to a government fund.

To include a spouse and other dependents, there are extra costs as follows:

Non-refundable minimum donations are:

Single applicant USD 130,000

Applicant and spouse USD 150,000

Applicant, spouse and 1 child USD 165,000

Applicant spouse and 2 children USD 180,000

Each additional dependent USD 25,000

In addition to the investment amount, investors in the Vanuatu Citizenship Investment Program must also pay additional fees, principally a due diligence fee of USD 7,000.  The applicant must pay this fee before submitting the application. 

Vanuatu Citizenship Application

After obtaining due diligence clearance, the applicant can submit their Vanuatu citizenship application with an authorized immigration law firm. Next, the applicant will receive a final approval by the government authorities. The applicant then pays the donation fee and determines the location where they take the oath to Vanuatu. (This can be overseas, subject to certain conditions.)

The Vanuatu government then issues their new passport. Vanuatu does not have a problem with you retaining your U.S.A passport or that of another country.

Please note there are also small fees associated with obtaining the passport and the application, which vary with the number of family members or dependents included in the application. The Vanuatu citizenship application can include dependent children up to the age of 25, as well as parents of the applicant’s or the spouses.


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    Time Required for Vanuatu Citizenship Application Processing

    The process of obtaining your citizenship through Vanuatu’s Citizenship Investment Program is relatively fast, with citizenship typically granted within two months of application. This is much faster compared to other citizenship by investment programs, making Vanuatu an attractive option for those who need to obtain a second passport quickly.

    An authorized immigration firm must assist with the Vanuatu citizenship application process. The authorized immigration lawyer will guide investors through the Vanuatu citizenship application process and ensure that they meet all the requirements.

    With the assistance of an authorized agent, the process of obtaining Vanuatu citizenship is straightforward and efficient.

    We strongly recommend you get expert advice.

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