Vanuatu Nationality: Why You Should Consider It

The Advantages of Obtaining Vanuatu Citizenship Through Investment

A Second Citizenship of Choice

Vanuatu has emerged as a highly sought-after destination for individuals seeking the advantages and security of a second citizenship through the Vanuatu Citizenship Programs. Vanuatu nationality and a Vanuatu travel document offer a range of benefits, and the program has garnered attention for its accessibility and streamlined processes, which make it one of the most straightforward second citizenship  to obtain.  

In this guide, we will cover why global citizens seek Vanuatu citizenship by investment – its benefits, passport ranking, requirements, investment options, eligibility criteria, and the application process.

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Vanuatuan Nationality & Benefits:

Vanuatu is the only country in the Asia-Pacific region offering a citizenship by investment program, which is highly affordable and with no requirement to reside, visit or even interview.

Vanuatu Visa-Free Access:

The Vanuatu citizenship grants its holders visa-free travel, visa-on-arrival, eTravel authorization, and electronic visa access to well over 100 countries, greatly simplifying business and leisure travel. Countries covered include many Commonwealth countries and territories like Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE, as well as many Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia. You can also obtain a 1-year multiple entry visa for Australia.

Fast Processing:

One of the notable advantages of the Vanuatu Citizenship program is its efficiency. The streamlined application process for Vanuatu citizenship is, on average, 2 to 3 months – a swift route to obtaining a second citizenship and a “Plan B”.

Dual Citizenship:

The Republic of Vanuatu allows dual citizenship.

Highly Attractive Vanuatu Tax Environment:

No personal income tax and corporate tax; no capital gains, inheritance, gift, withholding or wealth tax – a very favourable environment for financial planning and wealth management.

Vanuatu Travel Document Ranking:

The Vanuatu nationality lies halfway up the global passport index rankings, a highly competitive position. It offers a level of international mobility attractive to many investors and global citizens.

Vanuatu Citizenship Investment Requirements:

To qualify for the Vanuatu Citizenship Program there are two options. 

  1. Vanuatu DSP:
    A one-off non-refundable donation to the Vanuatu government through the Vanuatu Development Support Program.  The Vanuatu DSP contributes to the nation’s infrastructure, healthcare and education.

    1. This involves a minimum donation of USD 130,000 for a single applicant and up to USD 180,000 for a family of 4.  
    2. Further family members (children up to age 25, parents and grandparents) cost USD 25,000 per person under the Vanuatu Family Citizenship program 
    3. There is a due diligence fee of USD 7,000 to the government Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) plus fees for processing and certification.
  2. Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment CIIP:
    Investment program into sustainable energy projects (Vanuatu CIIP)

    1. This requires a minimum investment of USD 130,000 for a family of up to 4 people.
    2. Each additional dependent costs USD 26,500 per person (Vanuatu Family Citizenship).
    3. It gains targeted returns of 5% annually, with an exit strategy after 5 years. 
    4. There is a due diligence fee of USD 8,000 and other fees may apply.


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    Eligibility Requirements for Vanuatu Nationality

    • There are no language, education, or work experience requirements.
    • Those included on the application must have clean backgrounds – no criminal record and they must be of good character. 
    • Applicants (and others) must provide a medical certificate attesting to their good health. 
    • The main applicant must be at least 18 years old to qualify for the program.

    The Application Process for the Vanuatu Citizenship Program

    The application must be submitted through an authorized law firm or agent licensed by the Vanuatu Citizenship Program Commission. The authorized firm guides applicants through the process, ensuring full compliance.

    1. Submit Application: Complete the forms along with the required supporting documentation to the Vanuatu Citizenship Program Commission through the authorized agent.
    2. Due Diligence: The Vanuatu government conducts due diligence checks on applicants.  The government also requires medical reports and initial fees. 
    3. If successful, the applicant then receives pre-approval and can submit their investment.
    4. Once the government grants Vanuatu citizenship, the applicant takes the oath and receives certification.
    5. The new citizen can then apply for the issuance of a Vanuatu nationality.

    The whole process will take 2-3 months on average with the fast-track system. 

    Our thoughts

    Obtaining Vanuatu citizenship through Investment Immigration offers a range of compelling benefits, including visa-free travel, fast processing, confidentiality, no residency requirements, and an attractive tax environment. The Vanuatu program has straightforward eligibility requirements, making it an appealing choice for those seeking a second nationality. 

    As Vanuatu continues to attract global investors and citizens, its programs stand out as a pathway to enhanced global mobility, financial planning opportunities, and a secure future.

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