Malaysia Residency by investment

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Program


The Malaysia My Second Home programme  also called MM2H programme grants a 5-year renewable multiple-entry visa to successful investors and their qualifying family members.

MALAYSIA RESIDENCE mm2h in malaysia VISA mm2h in malaysia MY SECOND HOME

What the advantages of the Malaysia Residency Program?

  • Low cost of living, good lifestyle, strategic geographical location, business friendly, offshore tax haven of Labuan, minimal capital flow restrictions with a strong and stable economy.
  • Offshore income is non-taxable. Malaysia also has Double Taxation agreements with many countries.  No Inheritance Tax.
  • Cosmopolitan and multi-cultural with English as official language of business & widely spoken along with Malay & various Chinese & Indian dialects.
  • World-class and international hub for healthcare and education.
  • Relaxed property ownership rules for foreigners with a minimum threshold of RM 600,000 per property applicable for the state of Kuala Lumpur.  This varies from state to state.


  • Must make a fixed deposit placement of RM 1,000,000.
  • An additional RM 50,000 fixed deposit must be placed for each dependent if main applicant is aged 35-49 years.
  • A maximum withdrawal of 50% of the principal of the fixed deposit is permitted after one year for the purposes of healthcare, education and property acquisitions in Malaysia.

Advantages of MM2H Malaysia

  • 5-year renewable long-term multiple-entry social visit pass granted to successful applicants.
  • May include spouse, common-law partner, children (biological/step-child/legally adopted) below 21 years of age and 21-34 years of age (single and unmarried) in the application as dependents.
  • Disabled children regardless of age as well as parents and parents-in-law of principle can also be included.


  • Preparation and submission of application.
  • Conditional approval letter issued.
  • Arrive in Malaysia for:
    • Fixed deposit account opening with any bank in Malaysia.
    • Purchasing of/submission of medical insurance* that is applicable in Malaysia.
    • Obtaining of medical report* from any private hospital or registered   clinic in Malaysia.
  • Submit remaining documents:
    • Fixed deposit certificate, medical insurance policy* & medical report*.
  • Obtain visa

MM2H Requirements

  • Main applicant must have a minimum offshore monthly income of RM 40,000.
  • Proof of liquid assets of at least RM 1,500,000.
  • Main passholders and/or their respective spouses must reside in Malaysia for at least 90 days/year or 450 days/5 years cumulatively.
  • Minimum age requirement for principal applicant is 35 years.
  • Government processing fee of RM 5,000 (principal applicant) and an additional RM 2,500 per dependent.
  • Government annual visa fee of RM 500.
  • Other Visa and Security Bond/Bank Guarantee fees also apply whereby existing rates vary by nationality.

* Main applicant and dependents are required to pass a medical check-up and possess medical insurance coverage that is applicable in Malaysia from any insurance company.

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