Does France have a Golden Visa program?

Talent Passport and French Investor Visa

What are the French Talent Passport and French Investor Visa
The Best Routes to French Residency and Citizenship

French residency and citizenship are highly desired by some Americans and those of many other countries. Within this article, we will learn what are the requirements and the process of obtaining a France Talent Passport for Americans and other non-EU citizens.

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France Golden Visa
French Talent Passport and French Investor Visa

The advantages of French residency and citizenship

The pathway to residency or citizenship in France has great advantages. France’s economy has been one of the EU’s strongest, offering plenty of job, investment, and other opportunities across a range of sectors. French legal residents or citizens can also have the right to vote and travel visa-free to many countries, including all other EU nations.

Residency and citizenship give access to the country’s excellent and largely free healthcare system, regarded as one of the best in the world, and its other high quality social services. You or your family can also enjoy the high-quality education system, including some of the top universities in Europe.

You can also enjoy the French lifestyle with its culture, food, history, and a notable belief in a work life balance.

Routes to French residency and citizenship

Several methods exist to obtain French citizenship, including citizenship by descent, marriage, naturalization, birth, or adoption. However, these options often require specific circumstances or can take years to qualify for, making them challenging for many individuals.
As a result, French investment visas are often the most straightforward route to residency and citizenship.

Is there a France Golden Visa program?

While there is currently no French Golden Visa program like those offered by Portugal and Spain, France does offer several programs that allow individuals to obtain residency and citizenship through investment under the heading of the French Talent Passport (FTP). The French Talent Passport (FTP) resembles a French Golden Visa in several ways.

These programs are frequently the most straightforward, direct, and rapid ways to obtain French residency and later, citizenship. The FTP programs often grant full residency status in about 3 months – like a Golden Visa, but quicker.

Alternatives in the absence of a France Golden Visa program

The French Talent Passport has three categories targeted at foreign entrepreneurs and investors. In general, these methods aim to support France’s goal of becoming a global leader in technology innovation and to spur the French economy, just as if they were a French Golden Visa.

Successful applicants can obtain a renewable residence permit for up to 4 years, depending on circumstances, as well as access to incubators, co-working spaces, and networking events.


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    The French Talent Passport – Start-up Visa Program

    This program aids entrepreneurs who promote economic growth and receive backing from a designated organization functioning as an incubator. It requires a financial commitment of a minimum of EUR 225,000, with a portion devoted to the research and development phase of the startup. It grants successful candidates a renewable 4-year residency card.
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    The French Talent Passport – Business Creation Program

    The Business Creation Program grants foreign company founders from outside the EU, EEA, or Switzerland the opportunity to establish a company in France. The program requires a solid business plan, economic assessment, and local market analysis.
    Applicants must incorporate a French legal entity, with a corporate bank account for capital injection, and invest at least EUR 30,000. The program also requires the applicants to have a master’s degree or equivalent, at least 5 years of appropriate professional experience and proof of sufficient financial means to support themselves and any dependents.
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    The France Talent Passport – Investors Program

    The Investors Program requires a minimum financial commitment of EUR 300,000 and allows investors and qualifying family members to obtain 4-year renewable residency cards in less than 3 months.
    Applicants must invest a minimum of EUR 50,000 and create an approved business plan, as well as hold at least 10% of the shares. The business must demonstrably create and maintain French jobs.
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    All French Talent Passport variants may lead to permanent residency or citizenship after 5 years and are subject to language requirements. So whilst there is no French Golden Visa program, the costs and results are potentially similar.


    In conclusion, individuals can obtain French citizenship through several methods, including investment programs that provide streamlined application processes and numerous benefits.
    The French Tech Visa and Talent Passport programs for entrepreneurs and investors provide opportunities for individuals to contribute to France’s economy, while obtaining residency and citizenship. These programs offer several benefits, including access to incubators, co-working spaces, and networking events, making France an attractive destination for foreign entrepreneurs and investors. In the investments involved, the resulting residency status and potential status of citizenship for the successful applicants makes the French Tech Visa and French Talent Passport programs resemble a Golden Visa program.

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