Why are Americans Moving to Australia?

Australia Residency by Investment

Why Americans are moving to Australia?

Good weather with glorious summers and mild winters, 16,000 miles of beautiful coastline, and great food and wine in abundance. In addition to a laid-back attitude summed up in the standard Aussie response, “No worries, mate!” Who wouldn’t want to move Downunder?

By a whole host of measures, Australia is one of the best places in the world to live.

Moving to Australia from the US australia gdp per capita
Moving to Australia from the US
Australia Residency by Investment

Is Australia’s economy performing well? Are jobs available?

Australia’s economic growth rate has averaged more than 25% higher than America’s over the last two decades (Macrotrends.com). That means more opportunities for jobs and career advancement, higher wages, and superior investment opportunities. The cost of living is more expensive in America by 5 to 10 %, but income after tax is slightly better in Australia, with a net gain of 10% to 15% in living standards. Comparable housing is about 30% lower in price to rent or buy.

How is Australia for Healthcare and Education?  Are they affordable?

For healthcare, Australia is excellent, ranking 8 spots above the United States and in the top ten in the world. It is also heavily government subsidized, making it vastly more affordable.

Regarding education, leveragededu.com ranks the United States at number 2 in the world, and Australia at number 3.

However, Australia scores significantly better for literacy, numeric, and science skills at both primary and high school. Further, for schooling at all levels, including college/university, public funding makes it much more affordable and eliminates most issues with student loads. The language, of course, is English, so no need to study up.

Is Australia a safe place to live

For personal safety, by the 23 parameters from corruption to crime levels of the GPI (Global Peace Index), Australia is at 27th, while the USA is at 129th. Perhaps given the above, life expectancy is nearly 10 % greater down south – an extra 6 years to enjoy!


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    What is the Quality of Life like in Australia?

    The best overall summary is Quality of Life. Numbeo.com’s measure includes a wide range of factors. Australia scores a 92, the second highest in the world. The United States has a respectable score at 74, in the top 30s, but not spectacular.

    What is the Australia gdp per capita in 2023?

    Australia’s GDP per capita, which is a measure of the average income of its citizens, is estimated to be $63,487 per year as of October 2023 (source : IMF). This means that the average Australian earns about $63,487 per year in goods and services. Australia ranks 10th in the world in terms of GDP per capita.

    Do Australians Welcome foreigners?

    Some factors are less tangible. Australia is proudly and loudly a multicultural society. In America, 26.2 % of the population are immigrants or the children of at least one immigrant. It is over 48.2% in Australia (Australian Bureau of statistics). This makes the population very welcoming to newcomers and very understanding of their challenges. After all, they, or someone they knew was once in the same situation.

    What is the work-life balance like for Australians?

    Another consideration is that Australians believe very strongly in a good work-life balance and the culture is centered around a more relaxed and laid-back attitude. It is also a different sort of lifestyle. Australians say they “live their lives outdoors.”

    From the famous barbecues to hiking in the 500 national parks, or playing and watching sports live, they do like to do things in the open air. Sport, in particular, is almost an addiction. Where else does a horse race get its own official public holiday and a cricketer merits a state funeral?

    How do I move to Australia?

    There are two very direct routes to gain residency-by-investment (RBI). The first is the Australian Investor Stream Visa, which requires a minimum investment of AUD 2,500,000 (approximately USD 1,600,000 at the time of writing). The visa is valid for 5 years and can be extended to 9 years, and citizenship can be applied for after 5 years. Processing time is typically 20 months.

    The Australian Significant Investor Visa (SIV) is also an RBI program, requiring a minimum commitment of AUD 5,000,000 (approximately USD 3,200,000) with a wide range of acceptable investments. Again, this can lead to Australian citizenship after 5 years. Expect processing to take 1 to 2 years.

    How do I get more Information on Australian Investment visas?

    If you are interested in the Australian Investor Stream Visa or the Australian Significant Investor Visa and would like more information on these or other Residency-by-Investor programs, please visit https://harveylawcorporation.com/australia-investor-visa/. If you have questions or would like to talk to one of our professionals, please feel free to email our headquarter at [email protected]


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