Turkish citizenship-by-investment program offers eligible individuals & their families the opportunity to obtain a Turkish passport.

What is the Turkey Citizenship by investement program?

The Turkish citizenship-by-investment program offers eligible individuals and their families the opportunity to obtain full citizenship and passports upon making a qualifying investment in Turkey of at least USD 400,000. The Turkish program is one of the most popular in the world and requires the investment to be held for at least 3 years.

Advantages of Turkish Citizenship by investment

  • Dual citizenship is permitted
  • Dependents included:
    1. Spouse
    2. Dependent children under 18-years old
  • Citizenship for life, applicable for future generations
  • Right to reside indefinitely in Turkey
  • High standard of education and healthcare system
  • Fast processing
  • Visa-free travel/entry to over 110 countries
  • Ease of acquiring travel visas into the EU, US, Canada, & Australia
  • Enables investors to apply for a USA E-2 Visa
  • No physical residency requirement
  • No language requirement
  • No education or management experience required

Investment Options

  • A minimum of USD 400,000 (or Turkish Lira equivalent) in real estate property
    • Can be one or multiple properties
    • Must be free of charges and encumbrances
    • Must be held for at least 3 years
    • Requirement of a valuation report which needs to be accepted by the Capital Market Board
    • Land Registry Certificate showing the complete ownership of the property or properties
    • Valid Sales & Purchase Contract from the developer


  • Make a qualifying investment in Turkey
  • Hold the investment for a minimum of 3 years
  • Obtain a Currency Purchase Certificate
  • Have a clean criminal record
  • Not have entered or stayed illegally in Turkey
  • Obtain health insurance coverage


  • Apply for a Tax Registration Number in Turkey
  • Select property in Turkey
  • Complete qualifying investment
  • Meet all application documentation requirements
  • Apply for Turkish residency
  • Upon approval, apply for Turkish citizenship
  • Processing time between 3-6 months


What is the Turkey Citizenship-By-Investment Program?

The Turkey Citizenship-By-Investment Program offers eligible individuals and their families the opportunity to obtain full legal citizenship and passports upon making a qualifying investment in Turkey.

Who is eligible to apply?

Individual who:

  • Has not entered or stayed illegally in Turkey;
  • Is at least 18 years old;
  • Has clean criminal record covering a 1-year period;
  • Pays all taxes and costs related to the citizenship application;
  • Maintains the investment for at least 3 years.
Do Turkey recognize dual citizenship?


Is travelling to Turkey mandatory?
  1. No, travelling Turkey is not mandatory, but note that:
  • Each adult applicant needs to sign a POA at a Turkish embassy allowing the Turkish law firm to purchase the property(ies) and submit the application on the client’s behalf;
  • Each applicant will have to provide biometrics at a Turkish embassy upon approval, provided that the embassy has the proper equipment. Otherwise, the applicants will need to visit Turkey.
Are there restrictions for Politically Exposed Person (PEP) or Stateless?

No, there is no specific restriction for PEP or Stateless individuals.

Who can qualify for the Turkey CIP?

The following relatives may be included in the application:

  • Spouse;
  • Children below 18 years of age.
Can you buy any type of property?

The investor has a wide degree of flexibility when purchasing real estate in Turkey to qualify for the CIP and may purchase any type of real-estate to qualify, including, residential, commercial or land purchases.

Can the investor buy more than one property?

Yes, provided that the total value of all properties reaches the minimum investment required.

How long does the investor need to keep the investment in Turkey?

3 years.

Can the investor live in the property that has been purchased?

The investor will fully own the property. Therefore, the investor has full access to it, as the owner and landlord and is fully entitled to live there or rent out the property.

Can the investor make other investments in Turkey after the qualifying investment?

Yes, the investor is totally free to make additional investments or other acquisitions.

Can a Turkish citizen apply for USA E-2 Visa?


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