St. Lucia Investment Citizenship

A Look at Caribbean Passport Options

St. Lucia: One of the best Caribbean Citizenship program

A number of Caribbean passports and citizenships are available in return for investment in the country. St. Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment (St. Lucia CBI) is very popular for several reasons.

This streamlined process, coupled with a fast processing times in the Caribbean, makes St. Lucia investment citizenship program a particularly attractive option for those seeking a swift and secure path to new horizons.

St. Lucia Investment Citizenship saint lucia citizenship st.lucia passport

St. Lucia Investment Citizenship program Strengths

  • Cost: The donation option is one of the preferred options for a single applicant due to the lower investment cost.
  • Fast Processing Speed: 4 to 8 months on average
  • Attractiveness:
    • Available For Whole Family: Citizenship and a new passport will be granted to the applicant and dependents – spouse, children up to age 30, parents 55 plus, and unmarried siblings up to 18
    • A Strong Passport: A St. Lucia passport gives visa-free access to 140 countries, including the Schengen area, the UK, Singapore, and Hong Kong
    • Attractive tax regime
    • No Residence Requirement: You can choose to live, work, and settle in any CARICOM CSME nation.
    • No tests and no management, educational, or language requirements

Many see Caribbean passports as an excellent solution to certain problems:

  • Desire to have a passport that has greater access to other countries
  • Seeking to diversify assets and reduce tax liabilities.
  • Aiming to invest cost-efficiently in the thriving Caribbean tourism industry 
  • Wanting to retire to a tax-friendly, low-cost location that allows a high standard of living 
  • Seeking a plan B, now, or for the future, for better security or stability

4 Pathways to St. Lucia via Citizenship by Investment (St. Lucia CBI)

St. Lucia offers more flexibility in the options available with 4 different pathways:

Single Applicant: Minimum donation of USD 100,000 to the National Economic Fund

Minimum donation amount changed if inclusive of:

  • Applicant & Spouse: USD 140,000
  • Applicant, Spouse & 2 Dependents: USD 150,000
  • For each further additional dependent: USD 15,000

Minimum of USD 300,000 investment in the National Action Government Bonds, which covers the main applicant and all qualifying dependents

+ Government fee of USD 50,000 which covers 1 or more applicants


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    The St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment (St. Lucia CBI) process takes on average 4 to 8 months and has 5 steps.

    • Step 1: Choose your investment option.
    • Step 2: Complete all documents accurately and in full.
    • Step 3: Get approval of the ‘Citizenship by Investment Unit’ after due diligence and document review.
    • Step 4: Make the required investment and provide confirmation.
    • Step 5: Issue of St. Lucia citizenship (and passport). 

    Advice on St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment

    The process is straightforward if all the paperwork is correct, and all details are taken care of.  We strongly recommend that you get expert advice from an immigration lawyer and on which option best meets your needs. 

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