Exploring the Possibilities of Singapore PR for Indian Nationals

Residency by Investment Program

Living and Working in Singapore as an Indian National

Opportunities and Residency Options.

This article explores what it’s like for Indian nationals to live in Singapore, focusing on topics such as employment opportunities, multiculturalism, and residency options. With a large Indian expatriate community and a welcoming society, Singapore provides an attractive destination for those seeking a high quality of life and a thriving business environment.

The article also delves into the process of obtaining Singaporean residency (View the program), including the Singapore Global Investor Program and the Singapore Start-up Visa Program (View the program), and highlights the benefits of Singaporean citizenship for families. For more information, it is recommended to consult with an authorized immigration firm.

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Singapore Residency Keypoints

  1. Singapore offers two pathways to PR for Indian nationals: the Singapore Global Investor Program (minimum investment SGD 2.5 million) and the Singapore Start-up Visa Program (minimum investment USD 185,000).
  2. Successful applicants can obtain permanent residency status under the Singapore Global Investor Program, while the Singapore Start-up Visa Program grants approved applicants a 2-year visa that can lead to permanent residency after 2 years.
  3. Dependents, including spouses and children under age 21, can live, study, and work in Singapore under both pathways, with a 5-year visit visa and access to Singaporean healthcare and education systems.
  4. The Singapore Global Investor Program requires established business experience and a plan to develop business and investment in Singapore. The Singapore Start-up Visa Program targets innovative entrepreneurs.
  5. Other factors that make Singapore attractive include high quality of life, low taxes, multicultural society, modern infrastructure, and excellent transport links.

What is Singapore like for an Indian national?

Singapore residency is also an option for Indian nationals who wish to settle down permanently in Singapore. With a large Indian expatriate community and many festivals, events, and places of worship, Singapore is an attractive destination for those seeking a high quality of life (Source: Numbeo). Moreover, the city-state’s strong economy and business environment, coupled with low taxes and high wages, make it an ideal place for Indian professionals and entrepreneurs to establish themselves.

With the Singapore Global Investor Program and the Singapore Start-up Visa Program, Indian nationals have a range of options for obtaining permanent residency in Singapore, allowing them to benefit from the city-state’s excellent healthcare and education systems, as well as its modern infrastructure and excellent transport links.


 Is Singapore multiculture and how are Indians integrating in Singapore Society?

Another factor that draws many Indian nationals to Singapore is its multicultural and harmonious society. The city-state encourages diversity and tolerance of different religions and cultures. This makes it an attractive and welcoming place in which to settle. Singapore is increasingly becoming a hub for Indian business, providing access to a large market and potential for growth.

Additionally, there is already a large and vibrant community in Singapore, providing a sense of belonging, a strong cultural connection, and opportunities for social and professional networking. Finally, Singapore has a low crime rate and high standard of living. The city-state also has a modern infrastructure and excellent transport links to the rest of the world. This makes Singapore a very desirable place for Indian nationals to reside and pursue their dreams. 

In summary, Singapore offers a high quality of life and excellent job opportunities, and its multicultural and tolerant society makes it a welcoming place for Indian expatriates.


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    Is it easy to get Singaporean residency for Indian Nationals?

    There are three options for investing these funds. 

    The first option is investing in a new business entity or in the expansion of an existing business in an approved business sector. The second option is to place the SGD 2.5 million in an approved fund and invest in Singapore-based companies. Third option, Indian nationals can invest the funds in a family office in Singapore that has assets under management of at least SGD 200 million.

    How to get Singapore Residency for Indian Nationals?

    The most hassle-free route to obtaining residency in Singapore is the Singapore Global Investor Program. Under this residency-by-investment program, successful applicants can get permanent residence status in Singapore.  

    They must be investors who have an established business record and an entrepreneurial background. As part of their application they need to show that they plan to drive a significant part of their future business and investment development through Singapore. Lastly, they must also invest at least SGD 2,500,000 (approximately USD 1.9 million at the time of writing) into business in the city sate.

    Is there a Singapore Start-Up Visa program?

    There is an alternative pathway provided by the Singapore Start-up Visa Program (View the program). The government created the Singapore Startup Visa to attract entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas that will stimulate economic growth. You must get a designated organization, an incubator, approved by the relevant Singaporean authorities to commit that they will support you. 

    This start-up program requires you to put in a minimum of USD 185,000. The government grants approved applicants a 2-year visa. You can renew the visa after those 2 years. It can also lead to permanent residency after 2 years.

    Can my family get Singapore PR (Permanent Residency)?

    In both cases, dependents, including a spouse, children under age 21, can be granted the right to live, study, and work in Singapore. They will also be eligible for a 5-year visit visa.

    You and your family can also benefit from the excellent Singaporean healthcare and education system. Singapore also has the advantage that it is a tax-efficient administration. Finally, following 2 years of holding a permanent residence card, your family, too, will be able to apply for Singaporean citizenship.  

    Where can I get professional advice?

    “The affluence and lifestyle in Singapore make it very attractive destination for international investors to make Singapore their residence,” says Bastien Trelcat, Managing Partner at Harvey Law Group (HLG), “The Singapore Global Investor Visa and the Start-up visa programs serve different purposes, therefore it’s best to consult an authorized immigration firm to see which pathway you would choose“. 

    If you would to learn more you can visit HLG’s free information website (View the program): or contact them at [email protected] .

    Harvey Law Group (HLG) is an international law firm with 30 years’ experience in investment immigration. HLG has offices in over20 countries around the world, including India. 


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