European residency by investment for Americans

A Comprehensive Review of the Most Popular European residency by investment Programs.

In today’s interconnected world, there are more than 20 countries that offer residency by investment programs, providing individuals with an opportunity to acquire second residency rights and unlock a realm of possibilities.

We will discuss the features, costs, limitations, and processing time of acquiring residency in 6 of the most popular programs – 3 in Europe in this article and 3 in Asia with the next one.

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The 3 European residency by investment programs to consider

In an interconnected world, residency by investment programs provide individuals with the opportunity to gain second residency rights in various countries. With over 20 countries offering such programs, this article focuses on 3 popular options, discussing their features, costs, limitations, and processing times. The first part explores three European countries: Malta, Greece, and Monaco, highlighting the benefits and points to consider for each program. Read on to discover the possibilities and potential pathways to international residency.

Malta Residency by Investment

The Malta residency by investment program provides an opportunity to reside in this Mediterranean gem. Applicants of the program can choose between renting or purchasing a property.

With its strategic location, robust economy, and high standard of living, Malta provides a favorable environment for business and leisure.

Malta residency by investment costs:

    • Rental option – an annual minimum rental of EUR 10,000 in the South of Malta or Gozo, or EUR 12,000 elsewhere;
  • Purchase option – a minimum property value of EUR 300,000 in the South of Malta or Gozo, or EUR 350,000 elsewhere;
  • Additional fees – an administration fee of EUR 40,000 for all applicants; 
  • A government contribution of EUR 28,000 (purchase) or EUR 58,000 (rental); 
  • A donation of EUR 2,000 to a Malta non-governmental organization; 
  • Additional fees of EUR 7,500 per parent or grandparent


Benefits of Malta residency by investment:

    • Ability to reside and work indefinitely in Malta;
    • Eligible to apply for citizenship after 7 years (subject to conditions);
    • Free travel within the Schengen Area (90 days every 180 days);
    • Good education and healthcare systems, subsidized by the government;
    • Good standard of living and low living cost, which is 39 % less than in the United States (Living. Org);
    • A tax-efficient jurisdiction


Points to consider before applying for Malta residency by investment:

    • Proof of assets of at least EUR 500,000, with EUR 150,000 in financial assets, must be maintained throughout the first 5 years;
    • Processing Time – you can expect 6 to 8 months


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    Greece Residency by Investment

    Greece has a rich history and breath-taking landscapes. Coupled with an economy that grew by 6 % last year, a relaxed European lifestyle, and wonderful weather, the Greece residency program is an extremely popular program.  

    Greece residency by investment costs:

      • Invest at least EUR 250,000 in real estate;
      • Hold the property in freehold or leasehold; commercial or residential; 
        • Investment can be made singly or jointly (each person must contribute at least EUR 250,000);
      • Leasing must be for 10 or more years with a minimum prepayment of EUR 250,000;
      • Invest personally or through a wholly owned company in Greece;
      • Invest in a single property or multiple properties with a combined value of at least EUR 250,000


    Benefits of Greece residency by investment:

      • Ability to reside and work indefinitely in Greece;
      • Eligible to apply for citizenship after 7 years (subject to conditions);
      • Free travel within the Schengen Area (90 days every 180 days);
      • Good education and healthcare systems – childhood education is free;
      • Good standard of living and low cost of living, which is 54 % less than in the United States (Living. Org);
      • No wealth tax and a low property tax


    Points to consider before applying for Greece residency by investment

      • Additional fees may apply
      • Proof of financial assets, other than the real estate purchase, is not required
      • Processing Time – less than 6 months; official approval is usually less than 2 months. 

    Monaco Residency permit

    Synonymous with luxury and elegance, Monaco and the Monaco residency by investment program is attractive to many.  While not a direct pathway to citizenship, this program allows individuals and international investors to secure residency in the principality by investing in designated sectors. With a glamorous lifestyle, favorable tax regime, and prestigious international status, Monaco appeals to individuals seeking a sophisticated and privileged lifestyle.

    Monaco residency permit costs:

      • Purchase or rent a property in Monaco (Rental must be for at least 1 year)
      • Deposit and maintain at least EUR 500,000 into a  bank account registered in Monaco


    Benefits of Monaco residency by investment:

      • Ability to reside in Monaco
      • Eligible for permanent residency after 9 years (but no direct path to citizenship);
      • Free travel within the Schengen Area (90 days every 180 days);
      • Excellent standard of living
      • No capital gains tax and otherwise tax-friendly regime;
      • Strong legal system;
      • Competitive real estate market with no capital gain tax;
      • Rapid processing time


    Point to consider before applying for Monaco residency permit

      • You need to satisfy both an accommodation and an assets requirement;
      • The cost of living can be more expensive compared to other regions;
      • Supporting documentation and a clean criminal record will be requested;
      • Processing Time – 9 to 12 weeks 

    Each of these European countries that offer residency programs has a relatively affordable and appealing program. There are details within each program that can significantly affect access, cost, and time. We would strongly recommend that you get professional advice from authorized immigration lawyers or immigration firms who are legally authorized to submit investors’ residency by investment applications.  For more information, please visit: 




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