USA EB-2 NIW for Foreign Aircraft Maintenance Engineers & Technicians

Facing a Staff Shortage, the US Opens Doors with Green Card Opportunities for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers & Technicians  

The aviation industry is grappling with a significant shortage of qualified personnel in aircraft systems, exacerbated by the need for proper certification. This presents a unique opportunity for foreign Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AMES) and Technicians with the skills and experience in inspection and maintenance that the US desperately needs.  

Here’s the good news: you can leverage your expertise to secure a green card through the EB-2 National Interest Waiver (NIW) program. This program allows qualifying foreign professionals to bypass the traditional employer sponsorship requirement for green cards.

EB-2 NIW for Foreign Aircraft Maintenance Engineers & Technicians National Interest Waiver

Highlights of the EB-2 NIW Program

The EB-2 NIW program offers foreign professionals and their dependents a straightforward pathway to green card and US citizenship without the need to secure a job offer there. To qualify for the program, the applicant must demonstrate:  

  1. They either possess exceptional ability or an advanced degree relevant to their expertise;   
  2. Their proposed endeavour is of substantial merit and national importance;  
  3. They are well-positioned to conduct the project; and  
  4. On balance, it would be beneficial to the USA to waive the job offer requirement of a job offer.  

Considering the recent shortages of aircraft professionals in the US, individuals in the aviation industry, in particular, AMEs and technicians, would be suitable candidates for the EB2  national interest waiver program.  

Aviation Mechanics’ Shortage in the US

Pilot shortages have dominated headlines over the past year, yet the US aviation industry is now expected to face another wave of personnel inadequacy crisis – namely, an undersupply of aviation maintenance workers. Statistics-wise, it is anticipated a shortfall of around 24,000 AMEs in North America, and such a figure may reach 40,000 by 2028 (Statista). In addition to impeding airlines’ operations and the maintenance of aircraft systems and safety, a lack of AMEs may adversely impact the US aviation sector and its national development. Following this, foreign AMEs have a high likelihood of meeting the EB-2 NIW program’s national importance requirement listed above.   

That being said, not every AME qualifies for the EB-2 NIW program without the necessary certification. It is important to keep in mind that only highly experienced aircraft maintenance engineers who hold either an FAA aviation mechanic license or other major licenses from around the world that are compatible with FAA licensing and have expertise in inspection and aircraft systems could be eligible for this program.   

Strengthen my Application Under the EB-2 NIW AME Program

Many may already be aware that the approval of the EB-2 application, including the verification of your certification, is entirely at the discretion of the USCIS officer who reviews the application. Therefore, the applicants must prepare properly drafted petitions and demonstrate how they meet the EB-2 NIW criteria fully. Harvey Law Group had secured nearly 200 approvals for individuals with aviation backgrounds, inclusive of commercial, private/charter pilots, and helicopters. With decades of experience researching the industry and drafting NIW petitions in a variety of situations, we are equipped to ensure that your petition will fully highlight all your unique qualities.  


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