Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Property Investment

Citizenship by Investment Program

What is the Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Property Investment Program?

If you are thinking of obtaining a new or second citizenship, then you will have quickly identified the 5 Caribbean Island nations as some of the most popular programs offered: Antigua & Barbuda, Grenada, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia and Dominica.

Investing in pre-approved government real estate projects in Antigua & Barbuda can be a smart and rewarding way to gain citizenship by property investment. The two pre-approved projects, Nonsuch Bay and Moongate, offer investors the opportunity to obtain alternative citizenship through the purchase of competitively priced, luxury properties.

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What you should know about Antigua and Barbuda real estate investment.

  • There are two very attractive pre-approved and existing government investment properties. Selecting one makes the whole process quicker and easier.
  • The overall processing time is as little as 3 to 6 months.
  • It is relatively affordable at USD 200,000 for the minimum investment, making it among the least expensive citizenship by property investment programs anywhere in the world.
  • Different to a other programs, the minimum investment required is a genuine investment and not a non-refundable donation.  With the Antigua & Barbuda citizenship by investment program for real estate, not only can you get your money back after 5 years, but you can also reasonably expect both an increase in value, and 2 to 5 % rental income. 
  • There is no residency requirement.

The Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program: Nonsuch Bay Resort Program.  

(Nonsuch Bay) is an enticing option for those seeking to become citizens of this beautiful Caribbean nation. To qualify for this program, investors must make a financial commitment of at least USD 200,000 and hold the investment for at least 5 years. Successful applicants receive Antigua & Barbuda citizenship for life.

Nonsuch Bay is an upscale complex featuring a variety of luxurious beachfront villas, high-end apartments, suites and oceanfront townhouses. Situated in the spectacular Nonsuch Bay, which is just a 45-minute drive from Antigua’s international airport, the resort offers a full range of amenities, including water sports, dining facilities, pools, a shopping area and a spa and wellness club. 

Investment options at Nonsuch Bay range from a share of a 3-bed townhouse at USD 200,000 to the full ownership of a suite, apartment, or villa valued at USD 400,000 up to USD 1,200,000.  You must hold the properties for at least 5 years – rental management and maintenance programs are available for investors.


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    The Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program: Moongate Resort Program.

    The Moongate Resort Program is another appealing choice for those looking to gain citizenship through real estate investment. The required minimum financial commitment is USD 250,000 and must be held for at least 5 years to qualify for citizenship. 

    Moongate offers a luxury 42-suite boutique hotel with a clubhouse, cocktail bar & lounge, restaurant spa, and community infinity pool. The resort is at Half Moon Bay, just a 2-minute walk from one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. 

    The investment options at Moongate include the Standard Suite at USD 250,000, the Premium Suite with Plunge Pool at USD 400,000, and the Penthouse Suite at USD 600,000. Additionally, investors have the option to purchase part of one of the suites.  

    Like Nonsuch Bay, you must hold the property at Moongate for at least 5 years and investors can take advantage of an optional income-producing rental program.

    The advantages of the Antigua & Barbuda citizenship by investment program are numerous.

    • Citizenship is for life and includes future generations. The law permits multiple citizenships.
    • Your application can include dependents – spouse, children up to age 30, parents over 55, and unmarried siblings of any age. You also can add  future spouses or children is you are a single applicant.   
    • The Antigua & Barbuda passport gives visa-free travel or entry to over 150 countries 
    • You are entitled to live or work anywhere within the Caribbean community of CARICOM
    • There are no age, language, education or management experience requirements
    • The tax regime is very attractive, including, zero personal taxes
    • Application processing times are quick – 3 to 6 months 
    • There are no residency requirements, other than that the main applicant and adult family members have to visit Antigua & Barbuda for at least 5 days within the first 5 years and swear an oath.

    In conclusion, investing in preapproved government real estate projects in Antigua & Barbuda can be an excellent pathway to gain citizenship by property investment. Both Nonsuch Bay and Moongate offer luxurious properties in idyllic Caribbean locations, providing investors with a unique opportunity to become citizens of this delightful nation. 

    The programs present a compelling combination of convenience, financial incentives, and lifestyle benefits. For those interested in the program, it is essential for potential investors to carefully consider the costs and requirements of each citizenship by property investment program.

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