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Powerful Passports For Global Mobility

As countries start re-emerging from their cocooned state, the desire for travel and movement amongst many has naturally been reignited.
Retiring Abroad

Retiring Abroad: What You Need To Know

As one gets older, the thought of where you would like to retire is raised. Over recent years, retiring abroad has fast become a new and exciting adventure for many.
Slovakia citizenship by descent


1 Nisan 2022'den bu yana, Slovak Cumhuriyeti oturma iznine sahip olan ve ebeveyni, büyükanne ve büyükbabası veya büyük büyükanne ve büyükbabası Slovak Cumhuriyeti topraklarında Çekoslovak vatandaşı olarak doğan herkes Slovak vatandaşlığı için başvurabilir.