• Reside, work, study and start a business in South Africa
  • Grants permanent residence status and the possibility to apply for a Non-Citizen Identity Book
  • No age requirement and open to all nationalities
  • No investment or residency required
  • Valid indefinitely
  • Dependents can be included:
    • Spouse
    • Children up to 25 if full time student
    • Children between 18 and 25 if financially dependent on parents
    • Any age if medical dependent due to handicap or such but must be confirmed by Dr’s.
  • South Africa is a business hub on the African continent with a fast-paced real estate market, exceptional private healthcare and developed tourism industry
  • Application can be submitted from abroad or from South Africa


  • Proof of the prescribed minimum net worth of at least ZAR 12,000,000
  • Proof of identification
  • Undergo a medical examination
  • Provide original police clearance certificate
  • Pay an application fee of ZAR 120,000 directly to the Director General upon approval of the application
  • Once the application is granted, the applicant must enter South Africa at least once every 3 years

Process (8 months)

  • Prepare all application forms, supporting documentation and submit your application
  • Pay all required fees




What is a financially Independent Permit for South Africa?
  • The financially independent visa allows a person to apply for permanent residency directly and therefore allowing the applicant to work, study or manage their own business in South Africa. A financially independent visa is for those who can sustain themselves without an income within the country. Ideal for people of any age and nationality wishing to permanently stay in South Africa.
Is there any age restriction for the application?

No age limit for the main applicant.
Dependents can be included:

  • Family members may apply together with the main applicant
  • Children up to 25 if full time student
  • Children between 18 and 25 if financially dependent on parents
  • Any age if medical dependent due to handicap or such but must be confirmed by a doctor.
Is there any criminal background check?
  • Yes. Each applicant over 18 must provide an original police clearance certificate issued by the police or security authority in each country where they resided for 12 months or longer after attaining the age of 18 years except for South Africa. The certificate shall not be older than six months at the time of its submission and will need to be legalized/apostilled.
What evidence should I provide?

There is no guidance as to what “net worth” means and therefore, it would be understood in a literal sense to include immovable property, investments, banking, in combination, or independently.

What languages must the documents be upon submission?

All documents issued by the issuing authority of the country of origin shall be original or certified copies and where applicable translated into English, which translation shall be certified as a correct translation by a sworn translator.

Does the administrative process include an interview?

Yes, when submitting the application at the Embassy / Consulate. Biometrics will also be taken.

Pros of a South African Financially Independent Permit?

– It is not necessary for the immigrant to permanently reside in South Africa.
– Once the visa is obtained, the immigrants must simply enter South Africa at least once every 3 years.
– Apply for a Non-Citizen Identity Book.

Cons of a South African Financially Independent Permit?

– No stamp in your passport or Permit
– No new Permanent Residence Certificate will be issued if lost. Only a confirmation letter will be issued as a replacement.
– The financially independent visa has a usual minimum processing time of 8 months.

The present document is intended for guidance and general information only and does not constitute or purport to provide you with legal advice. Such information is subject to changes without notice. Each case is unique and depends on the facts and circumstances of the individual and due consideration should be taken if applying the general information to your personal situation. For an evaluation of your personal circumstances one of our legal team would be happy to assist.