Singapore Start-Up Visa

Singapore Residency by Investment


The Singapore Start-up Visa Program is designed for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas who will spur economic growth and entails consequent commitment from a designated organization.
This program requires a financial commitment of at least USD 185,000. Successful applicants are granted a renewable visa that may lead to permanent residency after 2 years.

Minimum Investment: USD 185,000
Permanent Residency: After 2 years


  • Renewable Start-up Visa (SUV) (subject to conditions)
  • Singapore permanent Residency (PR) for successful applicants after 2 years of SUV
  • Attractive tax regime: low taxes, no tax on foreign income, capital gains or inheritance
  • No minimum residency requirement for SUV (although over half a year is recommended for PR)
  • No language requirement
  • No age limit
  • Live and work in Singapore on their venture; after PR, the applicant is free to take up any employment;
  • Ability to bring dependents after 12 months subject to conditions (spouse, unmarried children under 21, parents)


  • Client information intake process
  • Meet incubator to discuss the business
  • Submission of immigration application forms, supporting documents, and fees.
  • Efficient processing: Typically, 8 weeks for SUV; and 6 months to process PR after 12-18 months of local business activity
  • Within 30 days following approval of SUV, establish a Singapore private limited company
  • A year after issuance of SUV: renew SUV, and submit applications to bring dependents to Singapore
  • 12-18 months after issuance of SUV: apply for PR (for applicant, legally married spouse and children)


  • SUV gives immigrant entrepreneurs who will spur economic growth the right to live and work in Singapore on their venture
  • Intent to establish and own a Singapore private limited company
  • Incubation with an entity recognized by Singapore Authorities


  • Company’s latest annual audited accounts showing at least minimum annual spending [1] of SGD 100,000 (USD 75,000) and employment of 3 LQS [2] or 1 PME [3]. (This is for spouse and children under 21. Higher thresholds apply for parents).


  • SUV may be renewed pending PR or if applicant does not wish to apply for PR, subject to meeting specified minimum annual spending and local employment requirements.
  • Male main applicant applying for PR will be exempted from National Service. However, other Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents (for instance, male spouse of main applicant or children) may be required to serve.

[1] Calculated by deducting the following from the total operating expenses: (i) Expenses due to purchase of royalties, franchise and technical know-how fees from overseas companies; (ii) expenses due to outsourcing of work overseas; (iii) total remuneration to company’s SUV holders.

[2] Full time Singaporean or PR earning at least SGD1,400 (USD1,018)

[3] Singaporean or PR professional, manager or executive earning at least SGD 3,900 (USD2,837) per month.

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