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Singapore welcomes and successfully attracts aspiring and seasoned foreign entrepreneurs who can spur local growth.

Thanks to its first-class state-of-the-art infrastructures including key Asian transportation hub, business, education, healthcare, safety, and research and innovation facilities, the city-state has all qualities required to act as a primary gateway to Asia for foreigners wishing to establish themselves (whether alone or with their family) in Singapore.

Important point

Foreigners considering starting up their business in Singapore should be wary of the immigration status under which they enter.  Although a simple employment pass may appear as a tempting option, it may not be the wisest option for those who intend to seek permanent residency.

The flexibility of the Singapore permanent residency framework allows professional advisers to work with applicants from the onset to ensure that they are in a position to obtain permanent residency after a couple of years.  It is with this goal in mind that immigration lawyers can assist and establish a one-stop solution combining immigration services and commercial support, covering Singapore and the wider Asian market.

Harvey Law Group’s new Start-Up Visa (“SUV”) program operates to grant the foreigner a renewable start-up visa for two years and then apply for permanent residency.  During all this time, the applicant continues to receive the support not only of Harvey Law Group but also of a designated local business recognised by the Singapore authorities to help develop their connections and business in Singapore and neighbouring countries.

The conditions to obtain the Singapore Start-Up Visa

There are no conditions of minimum physical presence in Singapore, age limit, language test, financials, skills or educational achievements, or business experience required.

An applicant can include his/her spouse and children under 21 years old to the temporary visa roughly a year after the main applicant, and can then include them in the application for permanent residency.

8 weeks to obtain your Start-up Visa

Successful applicants can obtain the right to live and develop their business in Singapore in as little as 8 weeks!

Harvey Law Group is glad to assist clients plan their immigration strategies, whether through the Singapore Start-Up Visa , the Singapore Global Investor Program, or Other Immigration Programs.


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