Thinking of retiring to another country?

Here’s What You Need to Ask Yourself, before retiring abroad

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Thinking of retiring abroad?

Retiring to another country is quickly becoming a goal for many. One that is becoming increasingly achievable. A number of countries already offer retiree immigration programs, and the list of options grows every year. Whether it is flexi-retirement or full-time, an increasing number of people are making a reality out of their dream of living overseas.

As a result, Harvey Law Group (HLG), an award-winning multinational law firm focusing on residency and citizenship planning since 1992, have established a full range of retirement abroad services.  Hiring a licensed professional will ultimately reduce the hassle, stress, time and even the cost to achieve your goals.

Retiring to another country


It can be a wonderful decision. Retirement funds that are tight in your home country can often provide a surprising level of comfort, even luxury, elsewhere. The weather, travel, recreational options, dining, household and medical services, and so many other aspects of your lifestyle can also vastly improve.

However, there are some issues to consider. From an immigration perspective, it can be complex depending on your situation. Notable factors to ponder would be any currency exposure, restrictions on foreigners owning property, medical care, financial accounts, taxation, and will and estate planning. Overlooking any of these elements could make your overseas retirement more of a problem than a joy.

In addition, there are frequently easier and harder ways to achieve your goals, if only you find out about the former! Therefore, doing your own research and due diligence is a necessity, and getting legal advice from immigration lawyers is highly recommended.


Start by making a list of the things you need to think about if you want to retire abroad. We’ve listed most of them below. Some you may already have thought of, some may be new to you, and some are more or less relevant.

Here are 15 key areas of consideration before Retiring to another country.

  1. How easy is it to obtain a visa or permanent residency?
  2. What language(s) are used? Are there other expat communities?
  3. What is the general standard of living? Can I maintain or improve my current standard?
  4. What are my housing needs? Do I want to own or rent? In the city, coast, or country?
  5. Is there an affordable, modern, and reliable infrastructure-amenities, utilities, healthcare-to support it?
  6. What is the climate like? Are there any natural disaster threats – hurricanes, earthquakes, pollution?
  7. What levels of banking services are available? How will exchange rates affect me?
  8. What are the implications for tax and estate planning? Can I do part-time or volunteer work?
  9. How about transport links? Do I need a car? Is air travel simple?  Can my family visit easily?
  10. Do differences in time zones and proximity to my home country matter?
  11. How good are the phone and internet services?
  12. Am I comfortable with the local cuisine and are there other options?
  13. Where is the political and economic stability?
  14. Are there any religious issues?
  15. Are the recreational facilities I want available? What else is important to my lifestyle?
The table below summarizes the key elements of the main programs for you.
(Please note: the table is a summary only. For more details, please talk to a trusted legal professional.)


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    Now that you have the parameters in your head, the first decision to make is where, ideally, you would like to retire. This can be quite daunting, as there are so many great destinations available to you.

    HLG can lay out all the options for you. Unlike agents or non-authorised firms, HLG is a professional immigration law firm, and as such, has an obligation to advise you on the best options and on the programs most suited to your retirement goals.

    We have developed a unique expertise when it comes to advising clients who wish to move abroad and help them secure a seamless retirement future.

    The table below summarizes the key elements of the main programs for you.
    (Please note: the table is a summary only. For more details, please talk to a trusted legal professional.)

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