Moving to Australia from the USA

Investor Stream Visa 188b

Exploring Australia’s Unique Lifestyle: A Guide for Those Considering a Move

For those thinking of moving to Australia from the USA, Europe, or elsewhere, they may be surprised by Australia’s unique lifestyle. People often describe life in Australia as “living life outdoors,” with a relaxed atmosphere, pleasant weather, access to clean air and water, extensive open spaces, a robust economy, and high incomes. The country boasts high rates of home ownership, outstanding healthcare, and one of the world’s best education systems.

If you are seriously planning on relocating to Australia, you are going to need a visa.

Moving to Australia from the USA - Investor Stream Visa 188b relocating to australia what do i need to move to australia can a us citizen move to australia american immigrate to australia
Moving to Australia from the USA
Investor Stream Visa 188b

5 key points to consider before relocating to Australia

  1. Acquisition of a visa is necessary, contingent upon the individual’s motive for relocation, such as employment, education, investment, or familial relations.
  2. Priority is given to skilled professionals, according to the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List.
  3. The Australia 188b and 188c visas provide an opportunity for residency to retirees, investors, and digital nomads.
  4. While public healthcare and education are available to citizens and permanent residents, private health insurance is mandatory for those holding working and student visas.
  5. Taxation in Australia is less than in Europe but more than in the US, with mandatory contributions to a retirement fund.

How Can I Move to Australia and Getting The Right Australian Visa

The right visa answers the questions, “What do I need to move to Australia?” and “Can a US citizen move to Australia?

There are several groups most commonly looking to move to Australia – those aiming to travel and work to pay for that travel, retirees, investors, and digital nomads.
If you can invest, then the Australian 188b and 188c visas will have you set. If you’ve found a job, then your prospective employer can nominate you for a work visa – there are more than 20 different types available – getting the right one for you is crucial.

Family connections in Australia can also facilitate in gaining a visa. Other options are by spending time in Australia for training or advanced study can also get you a visa though with some limitations.
Overall, it is always a big decision to move, but there are 8 million migrants living in Australia and nearly 300,000 Americans, so it is clear that moving to Australia from the USA is a very popular choice amongst Americans.

If you want to work in Australia

If you are moving to Australia for an extended period of time, you will have to give the Australian government a strong reason to let you in. The best and most common reason is a job. Australia has a “Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List” showing that the government is actively encouraging health care professionals, engineers, social workers, chefs, IT specialists, and more to migrate. The list often changes, so it is recommended to check regularly.


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    The two simplest routes: Australia Investor Stream Visa 188b

    For retirees, investors, and digital nomads the most straightforward opportunity to move to Australia are through the Australia residency by investment programs, which are the Australia 188b and Australia 188c visas. With the available capital as an investor, retiree or digital nomad, you can be confident in sailing through the process and likely making a decent profit on your assets along the way.

    To qualify for the Australia Investor Stream Visa 188b, you must commit a minimum of AUD 2,500,000 to an investment portfolio that meets specific criteria. The investment can be modified throughout the course of the program. However, withdrawing it will lead to cancellation of your visa. This program offers residency to successful applicants and the process takes more than 20 months to complete.

    After 5 years of holding residency, you have the option to apply for citizenship.

    Or The Australia Significant Investor Visa 188c

    The Australia Significant Investor Visa 188c offers greater flexibility, with a minimum investment of AUD 5,000,000 and a wide range of acceptable investment options.
    The processing time currently ranges from 12 to 24 months. After 5 years, you can apply for Australian citizenship. If you withdraw your investment for any reason you have only 30 days to reinvest it.

    Australian visa Requirements and Other Considerations

    People moving to Australia on working and student visas usually have to sign up for private health insurance. Australia’s public healthcare system is brilliant, and government funded, but it is primarily for Australian citizens and permanent residents.
    If you are immigrating to Australia from the USA or any other country, once you are a permanent resident or a citizen you will be eligible for the subsidized healthcare and education.

    Tax and Retirement Considerations for Moving to Australia from the US

    Before relocating to Australia, it’s important to consider the tax system. Generally, taxes in Australia are lower than in Europe but higher than in the US. Additionally, employees are required to contribute to a superannuation fund for retirement, which can be claimed back upon leaving the country.

    If you are fluent in English and familiar with Western culture, adapting to life in Australia should be relatively easy. Immigrants to Australia will also enjoy many freedoms, such as freedom of speech, religion, and equal treatment under the law.

    Legal Experts Can Help

    We highly recommend seeking expert legal advice from qualified immigration lawyers. Expert advisors know the latest requirements for relocating to Australia from the USA or other places, they can explain which visa will suit your needs best and why, and then they can minimize the hassle in applying with higher chances of success.

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