mm2h in malaysia mm2h in malaysia MY SECOND HOME

Advantages of the MM2H Malaysia (My second home)

  • Low cost of living, good lifestyle, strategic geographical location, business-friendly, offshore tax haven of Labuan, minimal capital flow restrictions with a strong and stable economy
  • Cosmopolitan and multi-cultural with English as an official language of business & widely spoken along with Malay, Chinese & Indian
  • World-class and international hub for healthcare and education
  • Relaxed property ownership rules for foreigners with a minimum threshold of RM 600,000 per property applicable for the state of Kuala Lumpur. This varies from state to state.


  • Applicants <50 years old:
    • Must make a fixed deposit of RM 300,000
    • May withdraw RM 150,000 after one year of deposit for approved expenses
  • Applicants ≥ 50 years old:
    • Must make a fixed deposit of RM 150,000
    • May withdraw RM 50,000 after one year of deposit for approved expenses

Advantages of MM2H Malaysia

  • 10-year renewable multiple-entry social visit pass granted to successful applicants as long as requirements are fulfilled
  • May include spouse and unmarried children below 21 years of age in the application as dependents
  • The program has no quota and will be issued if the requirements are met


  • Main applicant must have a minimum offshore monthly income of RM 10,000
  • Proof of liquid assets of at least RM 350,000 if the main applicant is 50 years old and above and at least RM 500,000 if the main applicant is below 50 years old
  • Main applicant and dependents are required to pass a medical check-up and possess medical insurance coverage that is applicable in Malaysia from any insurance company


  • Complete online application and prepare required documents
  • Preparation and submission of application
  • Conditional approval letter issued
  • Arrive in Malaysia for:
    • Fixed deposit account opening with any bank in Malaysia
    • Purchasing of/submission of medical insurance that is applicable in Malaysia
    • Obtaintion of medical report from any private hospital or registered clinic in Malaysia
    • Submit remaining documents:
    • Fixed deposit certificate, medical insurance policy & medical report
    • Obtain visa