Harvey Law Group Announces Sponsorship of YPO Africa

“An Investment in Africa’s Future,” says HLG’s Managing Partner Bastien Trelcat

YPO Africa Announces New Sponsorship Agreement with Harvey Law Group to Support Future Leaders

The Young President Organization (YPO), Africa Region, and respected international immigration law firm Harvey Law Group (HLG), today announced a new sponsorship agreement.  Explained Mr. Bastien Trelcat, Managing Partner of HLG and himself a YPO member since 2020, “We are passionate about Africa’s development and her future.  We can think of no better way to support this than sponsoring YPO Africa, a forum for the leaders of today and tomorrow.”

YPO is a global community of young chief executives, leaders who have already achieved extraordinary success at a comparatively early age.  They gather in YPO to develop themselves as leaders of their companies and their communities, with a common belief that this can be achieved by developing themselves as people.  

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YPO Africa Sponsorship & Alliances Officer Shares Insight on the Benefits of YPO Membership and Network for Positive Impact

Commented by YPO Africa Sponsorship & Alliances Officer and member of the Regional Executive Committee Member Yaw Benneh-Amponsah, “Through YPO, I and my colleagues from around the continent are inspired to have an ever more powerful positive impact on people’s lives, our businesses and the world around us.  YPOers form a network of mutual support and learning.  Each member brings a diverse cultural background and their own unique experience and ideas.  Coupled with a thirst to learn and make a difference in their communities, that can be a powerful force for good.”

Continued Mr. Yaw Benneh-Amponsah, “It is thanks to the support and forward thinking of companies like Harvey Law Group and members like Bastien that YPO is able to be involved in its many activities and projects.  We very much appreciate this sponsorship.”  

Harvey Law Group Provides Global Immigration and Business Advice with Focus on Investment-Based Immigration Programs in Africa

Harvey Law Group (HLG), has been providing advice on immigration law and business matters globally for more than 30 years, with their African headquarters in Johannesburg.

Mr. Trelcat, who travels extensively in Africa and Asia, described, “Our focus in Africa is on investment-based immigration programmes for high-net-worth individuals.  Frequently these people do not want to leave the country immediately, but do wish to ensure there is a plan B for themselves and their families.  Global mobility is an effective risk management strategy for those having significant assets and people to protect.

Mr. Trelcat elaborated, “Beyond risk management we are seeing more people who recognize that a second passport can open up business and investment opportunities, reduce tax liabilities and also provide educational, lifestyle and medical benefits for members of their families.”

The most attractive options for residency-by-investment programs are Portugal, France and Greece.  The lifestyle is appealing and very safe, the living standard excellent and the cost of living reasonable, especially with outstanding government-funded education and medical care.

In terms of citizenship-by-investment, the most popular options are several Caribbean programmes.  They are seen as affordable, the tax regimes are extremely favourable, qualification requirements are not severe and there is little or no residency requirement.  Processing times are also quite rapid.


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    HLG’s Managing Partner Bastien Trelcat Commits to YPO’s Principles and Highlights the Firm’s Immigration Services and Exclusive Benefits for YPO Members

    Mr. Trelcat also noted that the number of Africans from elsewhere in the country migrating to South Africa is substantial and a major area of HLG’s work through the South African Financially Independent Visa requiring no investment.  Citizenship by Ancestry programmes are also increasingly in demand by HLG clients.    

    As HLG’s Managing Partner, Bastien Trelcat, exemplifies many of YPOs principles. He has spent his career leading the multinational law firm, a specialist in the investment immigration industry.  Their popularity with clients derives from the number of residency & citizenship-by-investment programmes they can make available (over 40 currently), and for their experience, expertise and level of client support.  

    After obtaining a Master of Business Law degree from Aix-Marseille University in France and a Masters of Law in International Business Law and Chinese Law from the City University of Hong Kong, Mr. Trelcat went on to develop and expand HLG from just a few offices to 23 worldwide, employing over 100 professional staff, who speak more than 20 languages. The firm has won many accolades, including Immigration Law Firm of the Year at The Macallan Asian Legal Business Awards in 2014, 2017, 2021, and 2022.

    Bastien is enthusiastic in his commitment to YPO and believes fervently in the many efforts of its members to further the development of themselves, their businesses and the world.  “We recognize that many YPO members would benefit from our immigration services and we have a special and exclusive plan to make this more affordable and help them to take advantage. 

    We recommend them to find out more at [email protected] to know more about special benefits and discounts for YPO members.

    About Harvey Law Group (HLG)

    Harvey Law Group (HLG) is a leading multinational law firm headquartered in Hong Kong with over 22 offices worldwide.

    Founded in 1992 by Jean-François Harvey, HLG has an extensive track record and deep sector expertise in immigration law. The HLG team provides legal and advisory services to individuals and families on immigration, residency and citizenship, as well as a comprehensive range of business services for international corporations across multiple jurisdictions in Asia, North and South America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

    HLG was awarded for Immigration Law Firm of the Year at the Macallan ALB Hong Kong Law Awards in 2014, 2017, 2021 and 2022. HLG is duly licensed by most CIPs to promote and submit applications on behalf of investors. 

    For more information, please visit https://harveylawcorporation.com or contact Bastien directly at [email protected].

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