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To enter most of Europe, a South African passport holder needs to apply for a Schengen Visa that allows access to all 26 member countries. This can be expensive and time consuming to obtain, and in recent times has been the subject of bureaucratic delays that have upset many travel plans.

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Obtaining residence in a European country is even more complex if not impossible. For South Africans, it remains a very important destination for the lifestyle, security, education, healthcare, and opportunities that it offers. Europe remains the most desirable destination, not only for South Africans, but for the global citizen as well.

Harvey Law Group presents an easy and affordable solution that opens Europe’s doors to you and your entire family, and that includes your children and parents!

Greek golden visa programme

The Golden Visa programme is one of the easiest and most competitive investments to obtain a European residency and a pathway to citizenship.

With a minimal investment of € 250 000 in a Greek property you can:
• Own a piece of Greek paradise.
• Obtain a Residence Permit that enables unlimited Greek residency.
• Travel visa-free in the Schengen Area for 90 days every 6 months.
• Earn a Euro-based income stream from letting out the property.

The Greece Residence Permit by investment gives you all the above without any other obligation. You are not obliged to physically relocate in Greece if you do not want to, in fact you don’t even have to spend a single day in Greece during the 5-year residence permit period.

On the other hand, if you do plan on relocating to Greece, by residing in the country for 7 years you’ll be eligible to apply for Greek citizenship and passport. We’d like to remind you that a Greek passport allows freedom in global mobility with visa-free access to 183 countries. What’s not to love?


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    Why the residency by investment
    in Greece is a good choice?

    You will come to realise that Greece is one of the most affordable countries in Europe, with a classic Mediterranean climate of hot dry summers and mild and wet winters. As a resident you and your family will have access to the Greek educational system, both secondary and tertiary, healthcare, amongst other benefits.
    Not forgetting the amazing cultural offerings that Greece presents, the history of Europe documented in its many historical monuments and archaeological sites, such as the Acropolis of Athens and Ancient Delphi, that are admired across the world. Once you’ve soaked up all the history and culture you can retreat to one of the thousands of beaches scattered over the many islands to savour the local flavours or explore the beautiful attractions that mother nature offers.

    The freedom of choices that a Greek Investment opens are truly incredible, there’s no better value for money option anywhere else in the world right now, even if it’s just an “insurance policy” you’re looking for to provide you with a safe haven option.
    Let’s open Europe’s doors for you.

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