CANADA for Hong Kong Residents

Stream A/ Stream B Permanent Residence Program for Hong Kong Residents


  • The applicant must hold a valid Hong Kong Special Administrative Region passport or a British National Overseas passport and have valid temporary resident status in Canada
  • Stream A: The applicant must have graduated from a post-secondary designated learning institution in Canada no more than 3 years before they apply for permanent residence with:
    • An associate, bachelor’s or master’s or doctoral degree;
    • A diploma for a minimum 2-year program; or
    • A graduate or post-graduate diploma certificate for a minimum 1-year program.
  • Stream B: The applicant must:
    • have graduated no more than 5 years before they apply for permanent residence with a qualifying degree, diploma, or certificate from a post-secondary institution; and
    • have secured at least 1-year full-time work experience (or its equivalent in part-time hours) in Canada no more than 3 years before they apply for permanent residence.
  • The applicant is not inadmissible to Canada


  • Immediate permanent residence for successful applicants
  • Ability to live, work, and study in Canada without a permit upon approval
  • Ability to include a spouse, common law partner, and children under 22 years old who do not have a spouse or a common law partner as dependents in the application
  • Access to high quality subsidized education upon approval
  • Access to advanced health and welfare systems upon approval
  • Possibility to apply for Canadian citizenship after 3 years of permanent residence


  • Submission of application and supporting documents to the Canadian immigration authorities
  • Successful applicants will receive a letter confirming the approval of their permanent residence application

The present document is intended for guidance and general information only and does not constitute or purport to provide you with legal advice. Such information is subject to changes without notice. Each case is unique and depends on the facts and circumstances of the individual and due consideration should be taken if applying the general information to your personal situation. For an evaluation of your personal circumstances one of our legal team would be happy to assist.

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