I can think of two compelling reasons to avail of such flexibility.

GLOBAL MOBILITY. An alternative passport can grant visa-free access to up to 180 countries including Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the European Union (EU), and Schengen Zone. No more waiting in the line and money spent on visas and Fixers. This will give applicants and their families a lifetime of traveling with ease.

HEALTHCARE & EDUCATION. Applicants and their families will be considered full citizens, eligible for all the benefits of that country. Passport holders of Cyprus or Malta, for example, can live and work in all other EU countries. The second passport can also be extended to qualifying dependents such as children, parents, and spouse – and even to siblings in certain countries.

Future generations can also be covered by the alternative passport. Children born after nationality was granted can also qualify for citizenship in certain countries.


Cyprus offers full European Union citizenship for investors and their families so they will have the option of establishing a base in Europe. This provides access to the most advanced healthcare and to the best universities at local rates. Passport holders also enjoy visa-free entry to over 170 countries.

Antigua and Barbuda are often overlooked but these are the most affordable options for families. Meanwhile, Grenada is the only country that offers visa-free entry to China for its passport holders. Moreover, program applicants can buy shares of the Six Senses Grenada Hotel, a six-star hotel that is by far one of the most attractive investment options in the region. This must be held for a minimum of only three years, for it qualifies investor and their families for the lifetime citizenship program and all its exclusive benefits.

Is there an easy route to another passport?

The fastest and most convenient way to secure a second passport is through investment immigration programs. Less than 10 countries currently offer citizenship programs and the concept remains the same although the process varies slightly per country. Basically, the applicant donates or invests into designated businesses, funds, real estate properties, or projects in exchanges for a full citizenship that extends to the family as well. The investment usually needs to remain into the country for a specific number of years; then the investment can be withdrawn but the citizenship is kept.

In contrast, the traditional immigration route for the United States and Canada is often a long and time-consuming process. Applicants are also required to spend a significant amount of time there.

What are the easiest countries to acquire another citizenship?

St. Kitts and Nevis in Dominica are Commonwealth countries with low taxes, strong passports that grant access to the EU, and relatively quick processing periods. Both gave well-run programs.

On the other hand, the most valued country would be Cyprus since EU passport holders have the right to live, settle, study, work and do business anywhere in the EU. This has added significance for business persons since they can now conduct business within the EU even without a local partner.

There are several attractive options and we recommend specific countries based on the exact needs and interests of our clients.

How can Harvey Law Group help travelers obtain another passport?

Each country has its own set of designated investment streams recognized under their citizenship-by-investment program. However, investors cannot apply by themselves. They must hire a registered and recognized agent, consultant, or law firm.

Our firm is duty registered and recognized by each governing body, so we can facilitate the application hassle-free from A to Z – from our first meeting with the client to the receipt of the Certificate of Naturalization and the passports on their behalf.

All the processing, documentation gathering, certifications and even the fingerprints can be done in our office. The entire process is private, confidential, and done by qualified professionals.


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